Wednesday, July 23, 2014

dogs never die....and neither do cats...

In the midst of crying loads, facebook offered me a link to this beautiful piece, not sure who the writer was....

And well, I decide to do my version of it because well, cats never die too.

Cats never die. They don't know how to. They simply get old, and very tired, and their bones might hurt. But they don't die. They cannot. If they did, they won't always want to get head rubs and chin scritches. They wouldn't want to chase that crinkly toy to the ends of the world. They won't always make biscuits on your lap and purr like a thousand trains were moving off. So you see, cats never die.
You know how your best friend in fur coat will look at you and slowly blink his eyes? That is his way of telling you, you are my world. Because this is the way they love you so. And so you see, cats never die.
Your best friend in fur coat will however, get very tired. And creaky bones and bad teeth. And their eyesight might be bad, and they might not move as fast anymore. Then it will be time they say goodbye. You see, they never die. They simply say goodbye to that piece of fur coat covering that angel within. When they say goodbye, they are just moving into the depths of your heart and staying there.
Cats never die. They simply cannot.
So you see, after your best friend in fur coat says goodbye, you might cry and cry and cry. But that is not because of being sad. How can you be sad when your best friend in fur coat moves into the depths of your heart to be with you forever? But you might cry and cry and cry because your chest hurts badly. And this is because of all the purring they are doing deep inside your heart. You see, at the beginning, you will not be used to all the purring that goes on inside your heart. After a while, you might get more used to it, but once in a while, sometimes at moments when you least expect it, you might suddenly feel that little hurt inside the depths of your heart. That is your best friend in fur coat purring like a thousand trains setting off inside your heart.

So remember, cats never die. They cannot. And if you, like me, has got a best friend purring and purring within the depths of your heart, just let your tears flow and give your best friend within your heart a little pat and tell them, "thank you for the love, and I love you too."

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I'm missing my best friend of 21 years badly.
I wish we could have one more hug, I wish I could see his "fine, you silly stupid human, but I'll bear with whatever silly things you are going to do" look one more time.
I wish I could tell him one more time, how my day went, and ask him about his.
And how he would sit patiently beside me and how he would lick my hands.

He would think me silly, no doubt, to keep on crying.
But I can't help missing my best friend and the fact that I have said my last goodbye to him.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

i can't...

I'm not super human and much as I want to do things for you, I still have my life to lead.
In case you do not remember, I still have to work. That is why there is grub I can bring home.
Sometimes, emergencies do not occur nicely at times you desire. Sometimes, you can do something as well. Not asking for the world from you, just simple things you can help me by doing as well.
Maybe I can never repay the debt of the fact that you brought me into this world.
I'm doing the best I can. But maybe I can never.
I'm just lousy.

Leave me alone, just leave me alone world.
At the end of it all, when I can no longer give anything, no one is going to bother about me anyway.
Just leave me alone and let me go quietly.


I'm tired and I don't know how to be strong and I need a blanket to hide under until the end of the world.


It feels scary.
And I feel like i've lost everything to hold on to.
Alone and scared.