Monday, November 26, 2012

another giant *facepalm*

S'pore can't go down 'red vs blue' path: PM Lee

Another facepalm moment reading this that giRaffe just have to share.

giRaffe has to make it clear first, this has got nothing to do with whether giRaffe supports the red or the blue. giRaffe is simply responding to the facepalm-ness of our dear PM's arguments.

"We have tried to make sure that all our constituencies are about the same colour … because we want all the constituencies to share the same interests. Then we can think together and when you represent Singapore, you represent the whole of Singapore."
Ok, the last time giRaffe checked, our pledge was still the same one.

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.

Correct giRaffe if it is wrong, but the fourth line means that we are still a democracy right?
Uh, what happened to democracy here in our dear PM's words?
According to the UN Global Summit of 2005, "democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives" (United Nations Official Document of Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly [on the report of the third committee (A/64/439/Add.2 (Part II)), p. 30)
Based on our dear PM's words, it would seem that it is the ruling party who is determining what the political, economic, social and cultural systems should be rather than the other way round? Hmmm, help giRaffe out here, but it sounds terribly like an oligarchy does it not?

It is the PAP's responsibility to help to lead the discussion together with Singaporeans to persuade them to "see things more like the way we do and to be able to see things in a constructive way which makes sense for themselves and for Singapore"
giRaffe reads only one word...brainwashing brainwashing brainwashing.
Are we the citizens really so dense we need the ruling party to help us see things to make sense? Perhaps we are if we believe this statement of the PM. No, they want us to see things "more like the way we do". Ah ha! Caught you here. Words out from the horse's mouth. See things more like the way YOU do eh?

 "I think that we have to reflect everybody's aspirations and dreams but if we are just hao hao xian sheng (Mandarin for 'Mr Nice Guy') - whatever people say, we agree with them - I think we will fail."
giRaffe thinks, our dear PM has been barking up the wrong tree all along. Or is it because he is afraid to delve deeply into the correct one?
The citizens (at least giRaffe believes the majority) do not simply want a ruling party who is a Mr Nice Guy. The citizens want a ruling party who cares about the people, who tries to solve the people's problems, who runs the country not like running a factory and trying to make the most profit out if it and then measuring the success based on the profits, but who runs the country with a heart. Yes, having a wonderful GDP is awesome, but that is only one of the many many many many many things in a country, yes?
Our voices, our cries for help, is genuine. It is not simply a spoilt brat wanting everything on the plate.

And whether the Government is able to be decisive depends on whether the population accepts that the Government is doing things for the good of Singapore and Singaporeans, as well as trusts that its "hearts are in the right place", he noted.

"If you don't have that, the Government is saying 'Charge!'; nobody is following. I think you have serious trouble," he said.
giRaffe is not sure why the PM is so worried that we cannot choose what is good for us. giRaffe thinks that it is very sad if more than 60% of the people here placed their faith in the last election on a party who doesn't have faith on the citizens.
Please do not worry, PM, if your hearts are in the right place, have faith that the citizens will choose the better candidates. Only worry if your hearts are not in the right place, yes?

" If we didn't have to make choices and tradeoffs, we will just have a menu, I just take out all the things I like - more relaxed life, a higher standard of living, more space, more income, more overseas holidays - and you just tick off and it will be delivered to you. And if you have oil gushing out of the ground like some countries do, you can tick off quite a lot of things and you will get your dinner,"
Every single time giRaffe hears or reads these press statements that these Men In White make, it makes giRaffe think of a teacher setting certain questions for the exam, but this student who writes pages for the answer, but never really answers the question. What can the teacher do but believe that the student has never understood his work all along or cannot grasp the language well enough to understand the question. What can the teacher do but give the student a fail grade?

How many times must the people scream, we are not asking for the impossible. We are not asking for the sky. All we are asking is the improvement of some basic necessities that while certainly costs something, but isn't impossible. Yes, there are some crazy chaps who whines and every little thing and demands the impossible, but the majority are just reasonable people trying to get by. And for one last time, GDP is great, but it is not everything. Yes? It is not everything. IT IS NOT EVERYTHING YOU USE TO MEASURE HOW WONDERFUL A COUNTRY IS. ok?

This is absolutely not the bashing of any political party. Because any person from any red, blue, green, white, purple, whatever party it is, who spouts such things, ought to get a giant *facepalm* from a giRaffe. And this post is simply a giRaffe explaining to you, what the *facepalm* is all about.

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