Friday, March 15, 2013

the rain jinx

giRaffe, having to teach schools which do not have air conditioned classrooms, often tend to explode bucketfuls of sweat every time. Hence giRaffe really does not look forward to bright and sunny weekday afternoons.

At the same time, giRaffe also realised it had a jinx. And that is, it brings the rain along whenever it intends to go sightseeing. For as many holidays as giRaffe could remember, they were all grey and wet.

Finally, giRaffe decided, it shall just pretend it is going to be a tourist, going sightseeing, every time giRaffe has to teach a hot and non-air conditioned school. Since, it tended to rain when giRaffe was going sightseeing.

Well, giRaffe thinks, its hard thoughts paid through.

It finally rained today giRaffe had to teach a hot non-air conditioned school in the middle of the afternoon, and giRaffe got through this afternoon without too much sweats!

From now on, giRaffe is going sightseeing every weekday afternoon, thank you very much.

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