Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a giRaffe's dance...

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, shrouded in the mists of lore and mystery, there lived many little animals in the far away Land of eveRfog.

In this land, there were two Sheeps, two Elephants, two Horses, two Chipmunks, two Kangaroos, two Cats, two Dogs, two Squirrels, two of each animal.

And each of these two animals, they lived together with their other animal. They strolled over the land with their other animal, they sang songs with their other animal. They danced with their other animal and told stories and loved their other animal, and they were never away from their other animal.

As myths go, a little giRaffe wandered into the Land of eveRfog one fine day. And this little giRaffe, she did not have another giRaffe with her!

All the animals in the Land of eveRfog were nice and friendly animals and they very quickly made friends with little giRaffe. But they were never away from their other animal and soon, little giRaffe, she felt awkward about being the odd animal out whenever any two animals were with her.

So little giRaffe started walking further and further away on her own. She started singing more songs on her own, and she stopped dancing because there was no animal to dance with her. And all the stories little giRaffe had, she kept them inside herself.

One misty day in the Land of eveRfog, a little Rabbit bounced about, all on her own. We do not know what happened to the other Rabbit, but this little Rabbit stopped singing. She stopped dancing and she did not want to tell anymore stories.

As little giRaffe wandered around the Land of eveRfog, she saw little Rabbit. At first, little giRaffe was shy and awkward as she always had been. And all little giRaffe did was stare at little Rabbit from the distance, while singing songs to herself.

Many songs, and many stories giRaffe told to herself later, while plodding over the Land of eveRfog, little Rabbit noticed little giRaffe. Little Rabbit realised that little giRaffe was never too far away all these many many days. And Little Rabbit bounced over to little giRaffe and shyly asked little giRaffe if she wanted to sing a song together.

Little giRaffe was scared. Of course she was scared. This was a little Rabbit and not another little giRaffe. Little giRaffe did not know what happened to the other Rabbit or where the other Rabbit was. And little giRaffe did not know if it was permitted in the Land of eveRfog to sing a song together with another different animal.

But yet, little giRaffe really wanted to. She wanted to sing a song with another animal. She wanted to dance again. She wanted to tell another animal all these many stories she had inside her head.

So very tentatively, little giRaffe opened her mouth and sang. It was not a very polished voice, nor was it very much in tune. But it was a song right from little giRaffe's heart. And as little giRaffe sang, little Rabbit started to join in. And they sang and they sang. They sang songs they had in their hearts for ever so long. They sang about the Land, the Mountains and the Seas. And they sang about each other.

Little giRaffe still felt scared. And she still felt alone. She felt she never belonged. But soon, little Rabbit started hopping around little giRaffe. Little Rabbit always sang together when little giRaffe started to sing by herself. Little Rabbit asked little giRaffe to tell her stories. And more and more, little giRaffe no longer had to keep the stories inside her own head. Little giRaffe no longer had to sing songs all by herself.

Days passed. And little giRaffe was soon never to be seen very far away from little Rabbit. And little Rabbit would always look for little giRaffe all the time she bounces around the Land of eveRfog, never letting little giRaffe far from her sight.

But most important of all, little giRaffe would look forward to telling her stories to little Rabbit. Little giRaffe would always look forward to singing songs with little Rabbit. And little giRaffe started dancing. Because she has found a partner to dance with.

Little giRaffe still felt scared sometimes. Because she knew she could not sing the most beautiful songs or dance the best dance or tell the most exciting stories. All she could do, was sing from her heart, dance with all her soul and tell stories that were made with love. And little giRaffe knew, she was going to give all that she can. Because little giRaffe, she wanted to sing her songs with little Rabbit, she wanted to share her stories with little Rabbit and she wanted to give her all in her dance with little Rabbit.

And so, aeons later, if you happen to chance upon the Land of eveRfog, you just might hear a whiff of the songs little giRaffe and little Rabbit sing together, or hear the stories that a little giRaffe tells a little Rabbit, or if you are very very lucky, you might even see the dance of little giRaffe and little Rabbit far away in the distance.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey there, giRaffe. Thought we'd just drop in and say HI.

Hope that you and the kitties are all still hanging in there.

giRaffe said...

Thank you! We are!
Hope everything's well for you there as well.