Saturday, May 13, 2017


The Expanse is an awesome show, and by awesome, I mean really awesome. It talks about the fears we have. And I think of all the questions people keep throwing around in the world nowadays, why is this group of people this way? Why do they support such and such a cause? I think it all boils down to our very primordial emotions - fear. A group of people hating another group of people, they are not actually hating specific humans in the other group, they have this emotion because they feel insecure about their own group. They feel fear. Perhaps the fear of being overtaken by a different group of people other than someone who looks like them or worships like them. Perhaps the fear of having to modify their way of life if new groups of people enter their circle. Perhaps they are afraid of a lack of resources when more people come. All these and more, they trigger a person’s feelings of insecurity and fear. And it is this fear that causes hatred. If you don’t fear something, and that something is not bothering you, it’s quite unlikely you are going to hate that something. I think human beings are very economical with their resources. And hatred uses a hell lot of resources. You expend so much energy just thinking about hating something. So I do not think that hatred is going to arise out of its own unless driven by fear. Fear is primordial. It is linked to our struggle for survival.
I wish there was a giant spongeball that can suck up all the fear in the world. It’s only when people stop focusing on their fears and insecurities that they can realise how much more than enough there is for everyone in the world. It’s only when they can put their fear aside that they can realise the other person is just as beautiful as themselves. We need a giant fear-sucking spongeball in this world right now.

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