Sunday, May 14, 2017

out of the box

Perhaps it is just me. You know, not fitting nicely into a box. I have a fear of stereotypes.
I find it extremely uncomfortable when people talk about humans in the world who are male and female. Now before you go about thinking I am some weird crazy thing, let me explain.
To me, biological sex is useful in terms of reproductive purposes. And that's about all it is useful in. Gender stereotypes on the other hand, are extremely unhelpful.
While I do acknowledge there are people who identify strongly as a male or a female, and they value their identity very strongly based on how male or how female they are, there are people who at the same time do not. What I am saying thus, is not the removal of characteristics of maybe you would like to call it male or female, or masculine or feminine, but that in addition to these, accept that there are others who do not identify themselves as any of these categories, or perhaps as a third separate category, or a fourth, or whatever.
Not identifying as a female does not mean I identify as a male. And similarly, vice versa. While having categories are a normal human mental heuristic, I propose that as evolved humans, we can function above the level of heuristics. Feel welcome to use your heuristics when you encounter people who identify with the categories your heuristics offer, but shut down your heuristics for a while or build new one when other individuals appear who do not fit into your pre-existing categories.
Well, here I talk about gender stereotypes. But it applies for all forms of stereotypes. All forms of categories, all forms of heuristics we create.

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