Friday, May 19, 2017


Maybe I was wrong previously to think that removing fear will solve all of humanity's problems. Without fear, there will be a lack of remorse for wrongdoings, a manifestation of psychopathy. Hence, much as I thought it was good to have a world without fear, I see now that I might be very wrong.

Perhaps what is needed is not the elimination of fear, but the presence of fear, together with a logical, rational way of thought. As a species, we feel fear, and that prevents us from doing certain things which might be harmful to either ourselves or to others. But at the same time, we are guided strongly by logic, and hence fear borne out of irrational desire of having less than your neighbour, or of not enough, or of being compared and losing out, that sort of irrationality could be met with logical, rational reactions. Hence we might feel fear, but we will not act irrationally out of it.

Maybe that is the solution to humanity's violence and destruction.

Maybe the solution is to embrace the Vulcan philosophy.

I aspire to be a Vulcan.

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